Electric Hose Reels For Window Cleaner. The Power UP HD

The game changer for window cleaners

Time is money for window cleaners.

This is a universal truth in the window cleaning business that effective management of time can allow you to get more done in less time allowing you to earn a better per hour income. You can then choose to increase your number of customers to earn more throughout the week or simply work less. It’s your choice.

The problem is that certain aspects of the job are very time consuming and tiring which slows you down even further as the day goes along.

This is why waterworks window cleaning was founded. To make life easier and more profitable for window cleaners.

One of our first innovations was the electric hose reel for window cleaners.

Let’s face it. Being a window cleaner is not easy.

From working in all weather conditions to carrying your water fed pole equipment from property to property to dragging your hose reel back and forth. It’s all pretty tiring.[/vc_column_text]

We noticed window cleaners would literally run themselves ragged dragging back there hose reels in between jobs to the point of repetitive strain injury. Not to mention the man hours spent reeling back in their window cleaning hose.

So using our in depth knowledge of the window cleaning industry and our engineering backgrounds we developed the worlds first fully electric hose reel designed to withstand commercial use (or should I say abuse!).

Just press the button on the unit and it will pull your hose back into the reel for you with no mess or hassle.

The time and energy saving aspect of this is a game changer for many window cleaners as they are able to get from job to job that much quicker.

This is why a time and labour saving device like ours is a no brainier!

We’ve yet to see a window cleaner who hasn’t got excited when they’ve seen one of our systems.

The system literally pays for itself!

Just add all the hours you spend every month reeling your window cleaning hose reel back in.

Then multiply that by your hourly income and you will have a sizeable number.

Not to mention we’re still discounting the fact that your energy is a finite resource which is drained that much faster as you pull out and pull in your hose reel all day long getting more and more tired as the day goes on and as a result getting that much slower.

With this electric hose reel system all your effort can be focused on providing a better end service in less time and basically make more per hour as you can squeeze in more jobs in the same amount of time.

This is why we believe our window cleaning electric hose reel system is essential if you want to maximise your profits.

All our systems are made in the UK so your actually buying a proper uk manufactured system with local support and quality craftsmanship.

All our electric hose reels are designed to work with existing water fed pole battery systems.

You can choose to buy a full uk assembled and made window cleaning system package from us or simply retrofit our electric hose reel system (and other components) to your existing setup.

The choose is yours.

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