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How to use a window cleaning system effectively
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How to use a window cleaning system effectively

How to use a window cleaning system effectively

Using a water-fed window cleaning system has many benefits compared to traditional methods which involved a bucket and a squeegee. The water-fed pole method has transformed the window cleaning industry. It provides window cleaners with a safe and quick method to get the job done.

A water-fed window cleaning pole system is much safer as it eliminates the need to climb up ladders. It may be common knowledge to most, but it is vital that you use purified water. Using purified water removes all dirt and dissolved minerals therefore, does not leave water marks when drying. This leaves you with extra time to clean more windows which means more money in your pocket.

To get the best results from your wfp system, you must make sure that you clean the window and the frame. Maintenance can be considered a monthly or bi-monthly clean and it is much quicker. You will need to remove the dirt and soap from the seals. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the windows to achieve a satisfactory result.

Water Purity

We measure water purity in PPM (parts per million) using your TDS metre (Total Dissolved Solids).  For absolute certainty, use 0PPM as your standard but experienced window cleaners know that up to 10PPM can also work just as well. Being aware of this and testing it out for yourself can save you a great deal of money long-term.

So your water is pure and you’re taking care to clean and rinse thoroughly, is that everything to get the most out of your system?  Well, if you look at our competitor van mount systems it would seem so but, the answer has always been no.  Everything after pure water is about efficiency between stops and that is exactly where we have focussed our efforts.  It’s essential to have an efficient window cleaning system. The quicker you finish a job, the more money you can make.

In order to use a window cleaning system effectively and master the water-fed pole method, below are some top tips to consider:

Invest in a quality system and equipment 

When it comes to window cleaning with a water-fed pole, having the correct tools and system has a lot to do with the results and viability of the business. The best window cleaning system on the market is the Waterworks PowerUp 3D System. 

The Power UP 3D system has the best tank design on the market. Each tank comes with pre-moulded fixing positions meaning that it’s possible to upgrade easily at any time.  There are so many reasons why our system is the best you could possibly buy and you can check the specification on the products page but breifly, tank mounted PowerUPs, correct intelligent charging and industry leading hose guides are the main factors. 

Water-Fed Pole System

Water-fed pole system manufacturers such as Window Cleaning Warehouse, Facelift Systems, Nowas and Osmoworks have recognised the PowerUP electric reel system and incorporated our original products into their system design. Combine your hose reel with an HD hose guide and HD security pulley for added efficiency, or consider purchasing a complete window cleaning system.

Practice makes perfect 

In order to get the most out of your window cleaning system, as mentioned above it is important to invest in the right equipment. This equipment can make the job of any window cleaner as painless as possible and not only that, it can save you an enormous amount of time and money in the long run. 

It is important to do your research and find the right tools for the job. Once you have found the right pole and brush attachments for the job, a window cleaning pole system is an effective tool for any window cleaner. 

Once you have all your tools in place, like any new skills practice makes perfect. Start off with your own windows or you can practice on a friend or family member. Once you get the feel for it, make sure you practice with different window styles and various heights and angles. Then, when you feel confident you can start with real paying customers.


Before you start cleaning windows you’ll be setting up your equipment, and once complete you’ll be packing away and moving on.  As mentioned previously this is where we have found room for huge improvements.  Depending on what system you have chosen you can be opening doors, lifting heavy reels or trolleys out of the van, plugging onto external ports, positioning reels on the path in the correct direction as preparation, before walking to the job with your pole. While packing away its basically the same again except this time you’ll be bent over and winding in up to 100M of hose every time before lifting heavy, leaky hose reels, etc. 

Manual Winding

During manual winding you may accidentally punch the Tarmac at 7am on a December morning or your hose may get snagged. These are just some of the things that can ruin your day. Our systems are designed to eliminate all of that. This enables you to speed up significantly and makes your working life much better.    

Once all of that is out of the way (easy with our systems) you’re on the glass. If it’s a first clean remember to scrub the frames, seals, glass and sills thoroughly before rinsing. You may even clean twice to prepare the windows for future maintenance cleans. Most importantly don’t disappoint the customer. When used correctly WFP systems are superior to external traditional window cleaning in every single way. All traditional window cleaners disagree with that statement. However, I’ve been in the WFP industry for 15 years and some of our most valued customers are 40+ years, they’ll tell you the same thing. 


In order to continue to provide a good quality service, it is important to make sure your water-fed pole system is in tip-top condition. Particularly the pre-filters, RO Membrane and resin will require changing regularly. In addition, take care over the winter months because if you have freezing temperatures overnight in the van it can cause major problems with equipment failure due to the expansion of ice inside. 

A good-quality hose and hose reel will last years. However, hose on reels have a high wear rate depending on the type of work you carry out and will need replacing. Domestic work tends to incur higher wear than commercial due to more frequent reeling in and out and dragging around buildings. At Waterworks, we have a range of quality hoses and you can combine your hose reel with an HD hose guide and HD security pulley for added efficiency. 

The best window cleaning system on the market – Waterworks 500L and 700L including PowerUP-3D Electric Reels

If you have chosen to simply upgrade your existing system with PowerUP 3D it arrives fully assembled. Simply remove the reel from its custom packaging, fix it into place, connect the two ring terminals to your existing battery and you’re ready to push the button. Simply connect your choice of hose & wind it onto the reel. Try to imitate our system as closely as possible with the tank mounted reels and tank positioning for maximum efficiency. 

Powerup 3D

Waterworks PowerUp 3D is the world’s most advanced electric hose reel for window cleaners. Our system is exclusive to Waterworks and has been designed by Europe’s most prominent WFP system manufacturer Osmoworks. We have over 20 years of design experience within the industry and carried out extensive research and development.  

There is a clear difference between a Waterworks delivery system compared to other manufacturers. Our components, such as pumps, strainers, terminals, batteries, and digital controllers are stowed neatly away.


Our 500L or 700L tank offers enough capacity for both residential and commercial work for 1 or 2 operators. This window cleaning system is highly suited to vans such as:

Ford Transit, Ford Transit Custom, Vauxhall Vivaro, Citroen Despatch, Renault Master, Fiat Doblo, VW Transporter, etc.  



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