HD Hose Guides

HD Hose guides are fixed directly onto the floor in front of the reel and do not require the 40mm x 60mm hole that HD Security Pulleys do.  When they’re fixed right at the door they can give you approximately 160 degrees of deployment without rubbing the hose against the door frame.

In addition they help to conserve battery power when compared to an electric reel alone.  When the hose is being wound in at an angle to the van, it is necessary to spool the hose back onto the reel and this normally requires a cloth.  Without the hose guide the reel has to wind with enough power to pull it through your cloth at 90 degrees so its better to let the hose guide do the hard work and you spool it between the guide and the reel.

See our demonstration here: DIY Water fed pole system ‘700L’ by Waterworks Window Cleaning – YouTube

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