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PowerUP Hose Guide Heavy-Duty Hose Roller Guide

Key Features

  • Smooth Hose Operation: Ultra-smooth and rust-free hose roller guide with unique stainless roller ball bearings for unbeatable glide and durability.
  • Compact Design: Easy to fit with no large holes required in the van floor; mounts in minutes with provided fixings.
  • Durable Construction: Brushed stainless steel frame and thick aluminum rollers for long-term, rust-free use.
  • Corrosion-Proof: 100% corrosion-proof frame fits all vehicles and offers excellent power saving.
  • Hose Management: Prevents kinks and wear, improves hose deployment angle without rubbing against vehicle sides.
  • Vehicle Protection: Wider arc of deployment avoids damage to vehicle paintwork.
  • Efficiency: Superior to competing products with a design that brings the hose to the center of the reel.
  • Easy Installation: Comes with pre-drilled frame fixing points and necessary fixings for quick mounting.
  • Compatibility: Works with Waterworks Security Pulleys (sold separately) for maximum efficiency.
  • Application: Ideal for window cleaning systems, wfp systems, reach and wash systems, and pure water window cleaning systems.

Enhance the efficiency and longevity of your window cleaning system with the PowerUP Heavy-Duty Hose Roller Guide. Designed to offer unmatched performance and durability, this guide is an essential addition to any window cleaning setup, especially those utilizing window cleaning tank systems, wfp systems, reach and wash systems, and pure water window cleaning systems.

Product Highlights

Direct and Smooth Operation:

The Waterworks Hose Guide is engineered to direct your hose with ease, ensuring ultra-smooth and rust-free operation. The unique stainless roller ball bearings provide an unbeatable glide, making this guide the best on the market. The brushed stainless steel frame and thick aluminum rollers guarantee long-term, rust-free use, allowing you to focus on the job without worrying about equipment failure.

Compact and Easy to Install:

Our compact design eliminates the need for large holes in your van floor. The heavy-duty hose roller guide can be mounted in minutes using the provided fixings, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. This feature makes it an ideal choice for both professional and DIY installers.

100% Corrosion-Proof Construction:

Built with a 100% corrosion-proof frame, the Waterworks Rust-resistant Hose Roller Guide fits all vehicles and offers excellent power-saving capabilities. This ensures your hose remains kink-free and extends its lifespan, reducing the risk of hose failure during critical operations.

Benefits of the Waterworks Hose Guide

Prevent Hose Snags and Kinks:

The Waterworks Hose Guide is designed to prevent snags and kinks in your hose, ensuring smooth operation every time. By fitting the guide to the back doors of your vehicle, you can easily pull out and rewind your hose, making your job more efficient.

Reduce Wear and Tear:

Our heavy-duty rust-free guide helps prevent wear and chaffing on your hose, significantly reducing the risk of catastrophic hose failure. This feature is especially beneficial for electric window cleaning reels and other high-demand systems.

Effortless Hose Direction:

The guide simplifies the process of directing your hose towards the job site. This reduces the need to manually pull out enough hose before walking away, saving you time and effort.

Smooth Rewind Operation:

The Waterworks Heavy-Duty Hose Roller Guide ensures the hose travels smoothly around the roller guide, straightening out any kinks without needing to stop rewinding. This is particularly useful when working at an angle to the van, allowing you to rewind the hose with one hand while using the push button with the other.

Protect Your Vehicle:

The guide provides a wider arc of deployment, preventing your hose from rubbing against your vehicle’s sides and avoiding potential damage to the paintwork. This feature ensures your vehicle remains in pristine condition, even with frequent use.

Superior to Competing Products:

Unlike full-width guides, our vertical hose guides bring the hose to the center of the reel, providing superior benefits when deploying or rewinding the hose. This design enhancement sets the Waterworks Hose Guide apart from other products on the market.


Unique Rust-Free Roller Design:

The Waterworks Hose Guide features a unique rust-free roller design, ensuring unparalleled durability and glide compared to other manufacturer copies.

High-Quality Materials:

Constructed with a brushed stainless steel frame, shafts, bearings, and thick aluminum rollers, this guide is built to last. These materials are rust-free, guaranteeing long-term use and reliability.

Easy Installation:

Our heavy-duty hose roller guide is easy to install, requiring no large holes in the van floor. It comes with pre-drilled frame fixing points for quick mounting to your vehicle, with all necessary fixings provided.

Universal Fit and Power Saving:

The sleek, compact design fits all vehicles and offers excellent power-saving capabilities. This feature makes it an ideal choice for various window cleaning systems, including through-floor hose guides and electric window cleaning reels.

Compatible with Security Pulleys:

The Waterworks Hose Guide works seamlessly with Waterworks Security Pulleys, though they are separate products. Together, they provide maximum efficiency for your window cleaning operations.

Optimize Your Window Cleaning System

Upgrade your window cleaning system with the Waterworks pro winch roller and experience the benefits of a well-managed, kink-free life. Whether you’re using wfp systems, reach and wash systems, or a pure water window cleaning system, this hose guide ensures smooth, efficient operation, making your job easier and more effective.

Invest in the Waterworks Hose Guide today and take the first step towards a more efficient and reliable window cleaning setup.

Weight2 kg
Dimensions18 × 18 × 18 cm
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