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Series 26 PowerUP-HD Quick Release Combo

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The PowerUP-HD Electric Reel Quick Release Combo for eliminating air locks on your van mounted wfp systems

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This quick release combo can be added to the side of your PowerUP-HD electric reel and replace the standard hosetail fitting for a fast way to eliminate air locks.

When all of the water in any system has been used, sometimes air can be drawn into the pump which may result in an airlock.  This means that once you have re-filled the tank and switched the pump on, the pump can be heard but there is no water being pumped through your delivery hose to the brush while you wait for the pump to prime.

We have found that the fastest and easiest way to get back to work is to release the hose from the side of the reel with this quick release, while the pump is still switched on, it will prime itself instantly and the hose can be quickly re-attached.

This combo includes:

1 x Series 26 Brass Female Coupling with 1/4” Thread

1 x Series 26 Brass Male Coupling with 1/2” Hosetail

Additional information

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 cm


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