What is the best water-fed pole system for window cleaning?

water fed pole system

There are many water-fed pole systems on the market today. In short, you should be searching for a system which is corrosion-proof and includes tank-mounted electric reels. This inclusion ensures maximum efficiency such as the Waterworks 700L and 500L.

Professional window cleaners would used to use a ladder, a squeegee, and a cloth. However, over time the industry has improved drastically. It is now standard practice to utilise van-mounted pure water systems and electric reels. At Waterworks, we have worked hard to create industry-leading window cleaning products with maximum efficiency, durability, and value for money.

The traditional cleaning methods take a long time and require climbing ladders, not to mention the physical strain it causes. Along came the water-fed pole system, a revolutionary window-cleaning system. It not only saves an enormous of time but also provides a better finish.  However, it still required lifting reels, winding reels and a lot of unnecessary fuss, that’s when we took the industry in a new direction.

What are the benefits of a water-fed pole system?

A water-fed pole system is a must-have for any window cleaning professional. It will save you copious amounts of time, is safer and is extremely easy to transport. A water-fed pole system has many benefits and will completely transform your business and way of working, the benefits include:

Improved safety

With a water fed pole system, window cleaning professionals do not need to take risks standing on ladders and can complete the job much quicker when compared to traditional cleaning. It benefits all parties involved as it saves money for the customer and time for you as a window cleaner, allowing you to move from job to job quicker – which is more money in your pocket.

More efficient

A water fed pole system will cut the window cleaning process in half compared to manual. If you are finding that certain customers’ demands are high and at short notice, then a water-fed pole system is a must-have as you can clean windows to the same high standard, quicker and more efficiently.

Easy to transport

A water-fed pole system is easy to transport. Our Power Up 3D System is the world’s most advanced cleaning system. In comparison to delivery systems from other manufacturers, you will notice that our components, such as pumps, strainers, terminals, batteries, and digital controllers are stowed neatly on or within the system cupboard. Our Powerup’s are mounted onto tank fixing points that have been moulded during the manufacturing process for security.


A water-fed system does not use soap or chemicals to clean glass. This means there will not be any soap or chemicals that run off which can potentially be harmful to pets and children. Purified water is a much better solution as unlike tap water, purified water does not contain any chemicals in it.

Cleaner glass

Using purified water ensure that windows are spot free and no residue is left on the glass. Leftover detergent also attracts more dust and grime, so using purified water help to keep windows cleaner for longer.

Using a water fed pole system to clean the exterior windows of homes provides homeowners with no disadvantages. The water-fed pole system makes it easy for professionals and experienced technicians. It helps them to clean all the windows on the exterior of the home, even high-story windows or skylights, without using any kind of chemicals that can leave streaks or runoff in the yard. Children and pets will be safe, and a client’s home will look amazing with clean, sparkly windows.

The best water fed pole cleaning systems inc. PowerUP 3D

Waterworks PowerUp 3D is the world’s most advanced electric hose reel for window cleaners. Our system is exclusive to Waterworks and has been designed by Europe’s most prominent WFP system manufacturer Osmoworks. It is a culmination of over 20 years design experience within the industry and hundreds of thousands of pounds in research and development.

Every aspect of our system has been designed and made in the UK to perfection.

When compared with delivery systems from other manufacturers, you will notice that our components, such as pumps, strainers, terminals, batteries, and digital controllers are stowed neatly on or within the system cupboard.

Our 500L or 700L tank offers enough capacity for both residential and commercial work for 1 or 2 operators. This window cleaning system is highly suited to vans such as Ford Transit, Ford Transit Custom, Vauxhall Vivaro, Citroen Despatch, Renault Master, Fiat Doblo, VW Transporter, etc.

The Power UP 3D system has the best tank design on the market and is manufactured from thick and tough Polyethylene. Each tank comes with pre-moulded fixing positions meaning that it’s possible to upgrade easily at any time.

Another fantastic feature is our latest PowerUp 3D composite belt-driven reel, it is by far the best product we have ever taken to market. Correct we are the designers and manufacturers of the PowerUP series of electric reels. We have been leading the pure water window cleaning industry in terms of efficiency for years. We understand exactly what you need and build it into our products as standard.

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