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Water fed pole systems and how we changed the market
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Water fed pole systems and how we changed the market

What improvements can we make to van mounted systems after using them for 30+ years?

It’s true, some of our customers have been cleaning with a water-fed pole van mounted systems for 30+ years and here we come talking about improvement? Who do we think we are, right? As in every new industry, we improve designs over the years.

In my opinion, some van mounted systems designs are much better than others. Think about this, what if the design has been improving for 30 years, but in the wrong direction?

Water purification has become complicated.

A lot of research and development of a new van mounted system has focused on the water purification aspect. There are currently van mounted systems on the market that look like they’re part of the CERN Particle Accelerator. Their mass has become such that they’ll have several of their own fanboys orbiting around them. But is it not the case that a 4040 RO, 2 x 20’’ pre filters and a resin bottle does the same job?  You could argue I’m wrong on that, but i’m not wrong, you are punk.

It is my opinion that all the work that has gone into developing and over complicating should’ve turned in the direction of cleaning efficiency 20 years ago. We have focused on it ever since.  In other words, tank mounted PowerUPs, HD Hose Guides and HD Security Pulleys.

Brutalist design of professional WFP van mounted systems

Some of our competitors have kept the purification simple . This is down to experience and logic in other areas of manufacturing and I can appreciate that. They have given you what you need, attached to a frame coated with powder, built around a ready-made white Wydale Tank (Tanks Direct).

Ok great for making and transporting pure water but what about the small matter of cleaning windows?  How efficient is the system every day? Every single day stop after stop what is it doing to assist you?  How does it help you when its time to maintain the system?  It looks like Grandad built it because someone’s Grandad did, in his shed in Slough.

Competitors electric reels can improve this type of system, but they must bolt them to the floor, powder coat them, make them weigh a ton, and customers have to wait weeks to have one delivered on a tail lift truck at £1000 each.

Moulded tank designs

Some of our competitors have had a mould made for a bespoke tank. I can understand and appreciate why they have done this and see some of the design difficulties they’ve had. I don’t know if they’re design difficulties or just a unique set of priorities. For example, think of one of our competitors with their own moulded tank, it can be anyone, you’ve got one, great.

Now think about changing resin every few weeks? Does it require you to climb over the tank to get access with tools? Does it require you to disassemble the system to reach the DI Bottle? Also, does it require crouching in the van to access cupboard doors? How difficult is it to change the RO membrane? Where does the water go when you unscrew the pre-filters? Is any part of it rusty? (formally known as powder coated) Does it have the ability to accept tank mounted PowerUPs? (other brands are available) I could go on… and on.

DIY Van Mounted Systems are what they are but can be significantly improved with PowerUP and accessories

Exactly as above, if you wanted you could start a window cleaning business with the bare minimum outlay and everyone knows that. However, as your business starts to pick up you’ll begin to notice, wait I’m lifting these 50KG reels in and out of the van at every stop, I’m winding up to 100M at every stop.

DIY van mounted systems have their place, I started with one too. We have made sure that our products have the ability to be installed with minimal effort so that you have options when you’re getting into £500 a day territory.

What have we done differently?

Well everything when you think about it deeply.  We started off making PowerUP electric reels, Hose Guides and Security Pulleys, etc, to make our competitor van mounted systems more efficient which has given us a unique view across the entire industry.  In other words we’ve started with efficiency first and built everything else around that.  If you have been following us for any time you’ll know that we have limited our systems to delivery only. We have done this (with a few exceptions) for efficiency and simplicity while building a strong reputation for customer care.

Now the time has come in 2023 to offer our own off the shelf RODI system to our customers which incorporates Waterworks values:

  • Efficiency
  • Simplicity
  • Value
  • Service

10 reasons why Waterworks RODI van mounted systems are the right choice for your business:

  1. Reason number 1 is our commitment to service. We prioritise our existing customers above everything else, we have a dedicated technical helpline and are happy to talk directly with employees to resolve any issues they may have. We understand that any potential downtime has a knock on effect and therefore we are ready at a moments notice to drop tools for an appointment.
  2. Our van mounted systems include 2023 model PowerUP composite electric reels with upgrades which we are confident are the best electric reels available today.
  3. Our reels are tank mounted which has a number of benefits. These include putting them at the right height for use without bending your back, saves a huge amount of space for other equipment. On van mounted systems we always extend the push button wires so they’re right there at the door.
  4. All RODI equipment is neatly mounted at the side door for easy access.  When changing pre-filters the water goes on the floor not in the van. The RO housing is oriented so that the membrane can be changed without disassembly, the resin is mounted into a quick release housing and has quick release rectus fittings.
  5. The Dual inline TDS metre monitors the PPM into and out of the quick release DI bottle. This allows you to see the purity of water entering the tank and also monitor the purity of water leaving the RO. Checking this with a hand held TDS metre is difficult and can often have you burning through expensive resin.
  6. We have a stainless steel structure, stainless quick access cupboard door because no-one wants a weak rusty system within 12 months. Infact its easier to just tell you what is not stainless steel, brass aluminium or composite (The PowerUP bearings) which are zinc plated.. that’s it
  7. The correct intelligent charging system. It’s called a Battery to Battery Charger and its necessary now because of new alternator regulations. All vans are different (really) so we include a solid state (no moving parts) B2B charger which can be monitored or adjusted via a Bluetooth app. In addition all systems come with a European 120ah leisure battery and the option of plug and play solar charging.
  8. Heavy duty flush and set taps for heavy handed employees. We could give you auto flush and fill but we don’t because all considered we believe a strong manual option is better long-term. One tap is used to set the pure / waste ratio approx. 50 / 50 and the other can be opened full bore for a flush. Once you close the flush valve it is back to where you set it so no need to re-adjust.
  9. Electronic shut off valve because ball cocks are prone to fail. In addition, once the tank is full we can shut off water into the system. This means that the system is not left pressurised overnight. That’s possible with ball cocks too (for the experts out there) but isn’t it overly complicated and prone to fail?
  10. Everything is stowed in neatly in a well thought out and compact design. Should you ever need access to anything its all right there via thumb screws or quick release.
  11. This list could go much further but I must include the fact that our new HD Hose Guides and HD Security Pulleys compliment the system perfectly.

In Summary:

We have created an RODI system which not only looks great but has the operator first in every aspect of its design. From easy installation, easy maintenance, user efficiency, corrosion resistance, high quality components and optimum charging. We’re putting that together with our reputation for service and offering it to our valued customers from July 2024

Water fed pole systems and how we changed the market

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