Pressure Washing Systems

Pressure Washing Systems

A complete 1 man pressure washing system featuring PowerUP 3D – the world’s most advanced electric hose reel system for pressure washers. Ideal for window cleaners providing pressure washing as an add-on service.

Our pressure washing systems are made up of two PowerUP 3D or two wider 3D-W electric reels,  a 30m low-pressure filling hose and a 60m high pressure hose, a 700-litre tank, frame, cupboard door, nozzles, strainer, pressure washer, cabling, nozzle connector, and all the fixings needed to install this seamlessly into your vehicle.

Three key benefits:

  • The pressure washing system provides a plentiful water supply because the fill hose fills the tank while you work and is connected to a 25LPM stopcock inside the tank, so your tank is full at all times. On completion, the fill hose can be disconnected and packed away with the push of a button.
  • Save time tidying up as the electric reel lets you bring in your hose at the push of a button – no more manual reeling or metres of messy hose. You can also save time fixing airlocks thanks to the quick release fittings.
  • Save space as the PowerUP 3D reels are mounted onto the tank, which also puts them at a comfortable working height.

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