HD Security Pulleys

The purpose of HD Security Pulleys is to allow you to work with internal van mounted reels while keeping the doors locked.  Without them you have to pull the hose all the way to the job and come back to lock the doors at each stop which is a huge waste of time.

See our demonstration here: DIY Water fed pole system ‘700L’ by Waterworks Window Cleaning – YouTube

All types of vehicle contents theft is on the rise and especially tradesmen tools but did you know the thieves have learned how much window cleaning poles can be worth and have started to target them.  A tradesman can have his van broken into and number of heavy power tools and awkward carry cases taken.  At the same time one single pole taken from an open van while you’re working can easily equate to the same value.

HD Security Pulleys are our through the floor hose guide system and are completely unique.  It has only 2 contact points for the hose and is clamped to the floor unlike some of the other copycat versions which gives us a number of advantages over other suppliers.

HD Security Pulleys do not require a third roller fixed to the bumper and the reason is that is it restricts the hose deployment (you cant walk towards the front of the van when required) Also we do not use inferior plastic rollers like some others because we know from experience they do not last longer that 1 month in a real window cleaning van


  • Work with the doors locked and have peace of mind
  • Each of our rollers are rated at 1 ton making them the most durable
  • Our original design does not require a third roller fixed to the bumper
  • We have a 360 degree deployment unlike other suppliers.
  • We do not use plastic rollers that fail in 1 month

There are not any disadvantages to our HD Security Pulleys but they do require some commitment in terms of a 40mm x 60mm hole through the floor.  For vehicles which will be returned to a supplier after the lease you may wish to use our HD Hose Guides

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