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1 Man 500L Delivery System with PowerUP3D Electric Reel

£2,595.00 Ex. VAT

1 x ‘500L’ Durable Moulded Tank
1 x PowerUP3D Composite Electric Reel
1 x 110ah leisure battery
1 x 100PSI Flojet pump
1 x  Flojet Pump Strainer
1 x Spring Digital Pump Controller
1 x Ring 30a B2B Intelligent Charging System
1 x 6mm Microbore Hose and Fittings
1 x New Heavy Duty Stainless Frame and Stainless Fixings
1 x New Stainless Steel Cupboard Door and PVC Trim 

– Compact space saving design with excellent customer care


A complete 500L delivery system including the new and improved PowerUP3D!

When looking at what water fed pole system to buy the durability, ease of operation and ergonomics of the system are all important factors to consider. The PowerUP3D is the is our answer to all the small and big problems facing window cleaning companies on a day to day basis. We are confident our systems will remove many of your day to day issues whilst out cleaning your windows leaving you with a more profitable, productive and less tiresome window cleaning round to do.

The tank is exclusive to Waterworks and has been designed by Europe’s most prominent WFP system manufacturer Osmoworks. It is a culmination of over 20 years design experience within the industry and hundreds of thousands of pounds in research and development.

All Waterworks Window Cleaning systems are manufactured in the UK to high standards.

When compared with delivery systems from other manufacturers, you’ll notice that our components, such as, pumps, strainers, terminals, batteries and digital controllers are stowed neatly on or within the system cupboard. Our PowerUPs are mounted onto tank fixing points which have been moulded in during the manufacturing process for security. Mounting the reels in this way saves a huge amount of space in comparison to other systems which have floor mounted reels. In addition, it puts the reels at the perfect height for spooling meaning you don’t have to bend your back every time. We all know RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) has affected many a window cleaner over the years. Our system aims to not only last the test of time but help you wear the test of time.

The all new PowerUP3D composite belt driven reel is by far the best product we’ve ever taken to market.  The manufacturing process and careful design has resulted in an ultra tough but lightweight reel.  Its positive belt drive and precision build make it almost silent and power efficient.

The best moulded tank design on the market is exactly what you’ll get when upgrading to our WFP system.  Its manufactured from a thick and tough Polyethylene and has been designed for purpose.  Each tank comes with pre moulded fixing positions meaning that its possible to upgrade easily at any time.  Reels are mounted on top of the tank for maximum space saving, it also brings the reels up to a height which is more comfortable to work at.

You’ll be enjoying the benefits of our new heavy duty stainless steel mounting frame with pre-drilled holes for chassis mounting.  Many other comparable systems have powder coated steel floor mounting kits which rust 100% of the time and leave rust marks on your van and equipment.  This durable design will last a life time, offers added security and looks epic.

Rectus compatible brass quick release fittings are used throughout our system design for your convenience. For example, in the event of an airlock, the inlet hose to the reel can be quickly removed and replaced meaning you’ll be back to work within seconds.

Our B2B Intelligent Charging System offers optimum charging efficiency on all vans including the modern Euro5 and Euro6 alternator.  It protects the vehicle battery to ensure you always have power while intelligently distributing power from your alternator to both the vehicle and system battery. It requires no maintenance or operation, it just quietly does its job.

We upgraded to a lightweight stainless steel door for durability and to give you more options.  The new design includes laser cut holes which allows it to be configured as a 1 man system with centre mounted controllers and reel, or as a 2 man with minimum effort.  We think it looks better too.

Our latest product ‘500L’ is manufactured and assembled by Waterworks to the highest possible standard, and includes:

  • 1 x ‘500L’ Durable Moulded Tank
  • 1 x 110ah leisure battery
  • 1 x 100PSI Flojet pump
  • 1 x  Flojet Pump Strainer
  • 1 x Spring Digital Pump Controller
  • 1 x  New Composite, Belt Drive PowerUP3D Electric Reel
  • 1 x 6mm Microbore Hose and Fittings
  • 1 x New Heavy Duty Stainless Frame and Stainless Fixings
  • 1 x New Stainless Steel Cupboard Door and PVC Trim 
  • – All fully assembled, tested and guaranteed leak free. Ready for customer collection from Corby, Northants.
  • – Fitting by Waterworks at our premises in Corby, Northants £350+VAT.
  • – Fitting by Waterworks at your premises £500=vat – £1000=vat dependent on location.
  • – Price shown is collection only.  Pallet delivery to your address £50 – £150=vat
  • – Don’t forget to look at our growing list of ‘world first’ options to go with your system such as, HD Hose Guides & HD Security Pulleys.
  • – We offer full assembly, testing and a leak free guarantee for your peace of mind.

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 101 × 156 × 105 cm


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