Double Stacker – Two reels in the space of one

Double Stacker - Two reels in the space of one

One way to save a huge amount of space when working as a two-man window cleaning team is to mount your reels on a sleek, stainless ‘Double Stacker’ frame by Waterworks.

It allows two reels to be placed in the van while only taking up the floor space of 1 reel, meaning you have more space for auxiliary equipment such as gutter vacs and pressure washers.

The double stacker frame has a strong welded construction and arrives to you by DPD fully assembled with all the necessary fixings for bolting into place. 

Installing the Double Stacker Frame

Once it is in place you can screw your reels into position using the pre-positioned threaded inserts. The frame material is 40 x 40 x 2mm brushed stainless steel which is more than strong enough for the job however it is not as heavy as it looks.

Using the ‘Double Stacker’ frame increases the options available to you in the van such as mounting two reels at the side sliding door or simply increasing the available floor space at the back doors. It also allows you to use Waterworks Hose Guides or Security Pulleys for both reels when perhaps previously you were not able to.

The Double stacker frame is compatible with our new Waterworks Manual Reels and PowerUP-3D or a combination of both. If you are working alone in the van, the Double Stacker’ may also be used for fixing another reel for a whole host of reasons including filling the tank.

Combine your stacking frame with an HD hose guide and HD security pulley for added efficiency, or consider purchasing a complete window cleaning system. (Please note that when using a PowerUP3D stainless stacking frame, each reel will require its own HD Hose Guide or HD Security Pulleys if they are to be used at the same time.)


  • (40 x 40) and (80 x 40) x 2mm brushed stainless box construction
  • PVC end caps neatly closing off boxed sections
  • Pre-drilled frame fixing points for mounting to the vehicle with fixings provided
  • Pre-drilled holes with tapped inserts for mounting Waterworks Reels with fixings provided
  • 100% corrosion-proof with a sleek compact design
  • Fits all vehicles and offers excellent space saving for 2-man teams
  • Current lead time estimated delivery within 7 days

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