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2 Man 500L RO+DI Highlights:

A complete RO+DI water fed pole system for installation into your van, with a 500-litre tank suitable for two operators carrying out residential or commercial work.  The system is made up of a 500L tank, stainless mounting frame, electric reels, hoses, battery, charging system, pumps, strainers, controllers, and all the fixings needed to install this seamlessly into your vehicle.

Our New RO+DI features 11L quick release DI, 20” pre-filters, easy change stainless steel 4040 RO housing, water pressure indicator, integrated dual inline TDS meter, stainless steel frame, heavy duty set and flush taps and electronic shut off valve.  All of which are neatly designed using high quality components widely used and readily available.  All controls are at your fingertips, and unlike some other systems it is not overcomplicated with unusual components.  You’ve never seen a system like it however you most likely recognise the fundamentals.

Time-saving: Our Full RO+DI Systems save you time and hassle on two fronts.  The PowerUP 3D reel is the world’s first electric window cleaning reel, meaning no more winding in. The system saves time and energy, leaving you with less to clear up between stops and more time to fit more jobs into your working day and increase turnover.  Everything about the system is designed for efficiency when setting up and packing away.  When its time to change resin, we’ve made it as easy as possible for you with our quick release design, access to the pre-filters is convenient too and in addition, because of the way we have oriented the RO housing it can be changed with minimal effort, pop the cap off and pull the RO Membrane out of the rear doors.

Increased comfort: The reels are mounted on top of the tank for added space-saving, with the added height making working more comfortable and reducing fatigue.  Filtration can be monitored or maintained at the side sliding door with your back straight.  When compared with some other systems, access to our filtration is more civilised and does not require crouching down in the van for long periods of time or accessing cupboards

Durable design: All components used in our builds are corrosion-resistant. The 500-litre Osmoworks tank is made from tough polyethylene, and the PowerUp 3D composite belt-driven reels are ultra-tough while remaining lightweight. The heavy-duty stainless steel mounting frame is less prone to rust compared to powder-coated steel floor mounting kits. The durable design will last much longer, with improved security and a professional look.

Efficient charging: Our B2B intelligent charging system provides excellent charging efficiency on all vans, including the modern Euro5 and Euro6 alternators. It protects the vehicle battery to ensure you always have power, while intelligently distributing power from your alternator to both the vehicle and system battery – with no maintenance or operation required. This replaces the traditional split charge relay, which no longer works on modern vehicles due to new alternator regulations.

Installation available: Waterworks can install your new system into your van for you, giving you one less thing to worry about. Installation is £350+VAT payable on completion and takes 4-8 hours depending on the setup chosen and your van type.

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A complete 2 Man 500L Full RO+DI System including the all important PowerUP-3D Electric Reels

The system is exclusive to Waterworks and the tank moulding itself has been designed by Europe’s most prominent WFP system manufacturer Osmoworks. It is a culmination of over 20 years design experience within the industry and hundreds of thousands of pounds in research and development.

When compared with Full RO+DI systems from other manufacturers, you’ll notice that our components, such as, pumps, strainers, terminals, batteries and digital controllers are stowed neatly on or within the system cupboard. Our Electric Reels are mounted onto tank fixing points which have been moulded in during the manufacturing process for security. Mounting the reels in this way saves a huge amount of space in comparison to other systems which have floor mounted reels. In addition, it puts the reels at the perfect height for spooling meaning you don’t have to strain your back every time operating the system.

Our filtration is corrosion free and easily accessible via the side sliding door without accessing difficult cupboard doors or crouching in the van for extended periods of time.  Changing resin or prefilters on competitor systems often requires breaking out the tools for nuts and bolts, all while struggling for access and reaching over the floor mounted reels.

Our system includes our new quick release DI holder which allows the DI vessel to be quickly removed and disconnected using our Series 26 couplings, 20” prefilters with convenient access at the side door and a 4040 RO which is oriented to slide out of the back doors when its time to change.

2 Man 500L Full RO+DI System

The 500L tank offers enough capacity for both residential and commercial work for 2 operators. This window cleaning system is highly suited to vans such as Ford Transit, Ford Transit Custom, Ford Transit Connect LWB, Vauxhall Combo LWB, Vauxhall Vivaro, Citroen Despatch, Renault Master, Fiat Doblo, VW Transporter, etc.

Our latest PowerUP 3D composite belt driven reel is by far the best product we’ve ever taken to market.  Correct we are the designers and manufacturers of the PowerUP series of electric reels and have been leading the pure water window cleaning industry in terms of efficiency for years so, we understand exactly what you need and build it into our products as standard.  The manufacturing process and careful design has resulted in an ultra tough but lightweight reel.  Its positive belt drive and precision build make it almost silent and power efficient.

The best moulded tank design on the market is exactly what you’ll get when upgrading to our wfp system.  Its manufactured from a thick and tough Polyethylene and has been designed with purpose.  Each tank comes with pre moulded fixing positions meaning that its possible to upgrade easily at any time.  Reels are mounted on top of the tank for maximum space saving, it also brings the reels up to a height which is more comfortable to work at therefore reducing fatigue.

You’ll be enjoying the benefits of our new heavy duty stainless steel mounting frame with pre-drilled holes for chassis mounting.  Many other comparable systems have powder coated steel floor mounting kits which rust 100% of the time and leave rust marks on your van and equipment.  This durable design will last a life time, offers added security and looks professional for years to come.

Rectus compatible brass quick release fittings are used throughout our system design for your convenience. For example, in the event of an airlock, the inlet hose to the reel can be quickly removed and replaced meaning you’ll be back to work within seconds.  We understand that these small additions to your system will make a huge difference in your working life so we include them as standard along with many other small features.

Our B2B Intelligent Charging System offers optimum charging efficiency on all vans including the modern Euro5 and Euro6 alternator.  It protects the vehicle battery to ensure you always have power while intelligently distributing power from your alternator to both the vehicle and system battery. It requires no maintenance or operation, it just quietly does its job.  Traditional split charge relays no longer work on modern vehicles due to new alternator regulations and you should not accept one as part of your system package especially if you are upgrading to electric reels.

We upgraded to a lightweight stainless steel door for durability and to give you more options.  The new design includes laser cut holes which allows it to be configured as a 1 man system with centre mounted controllers and reel, or as a 2 man with minimum effort.  We think it looks better too.

Our latest ‘2 Man 500L Full RO+DI’ is manufactured and assembled by Waterworks to the highest possible standard, and includes:


2 Man 500L Full RO+DI System

Brushed stainless steel frame and fixings by Waterworks including 14mm pre drilled holes for all vehicles

Brushed stainless steel cupboard door with laser cut fixing points for future upgrades and black outer PVC trim

2 x PowerUP 3D composite electric window cleaning reel with extended button wiring, mounted at optimal height for powered rewind and space saving

Intelligent B2B charging system and digital display, optimised for all vehicles including Euro 5 and Euro 6 alternators

High Quality 500 Litre Osmoworks tank for unrivalled look, space saving and efficiency

2 x braided 6mm x 100M microbore hose fitted and pressure tested with series 21 coupling by Waterworks.  Choose your colour at checkout

1 x 110ah Monbat high quality leisure battery

2 x 100PSI 12v Aquatec pump manufactured in the UK for durability

2 x  Pump Strainer with hand screw cap for easy cleaning

2 x Waterworks V16 Spring Digital Pump Controller with auto dead end and voltage indicator display

RO+DI Specification

1 x 11 litre DI vessel with aluminium quick release housing and Series 26 couplings

1 x easy access sediment and 1 x easy access carbon 20” prefilters

1 x stainless steel RO housing with low pressure 4040 RO Membrane

1 x dual inline TDS meter allowing PPM monitoring both after the RO and after the DI

1 x flush mounted pressure indicator

1 x electronic float switch which cuts off the water inlet when the tank is full and de-pressurises filtration

1 x stainless steel corrosion free mounting frame

Heavy duty flush and set taps

Dimensions including frame and reel 116CM wide x 156cm long 115CM high.

Weight 200kg

You will be welcomed for a system collection by appointment, alternatively installation or pallet delivery can be selected at checkout.  Professional installation times at Waterworks can vary from 4 – 8 hours depending on the specification and van type.  Installation by Waterworks is 350+vat payable on completion.


Additional information

Weight 175 kg
Dimensions 116 × 156 × 115 cm
Hose Colour

Blue, Red, Yellow


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