New For 2023 – The HD Security Pulley

The New 2023 HD Security Pulley design replaces our 2015 model and surpasses every expectation:

We were the first to design the HD Security Pulley to accompany our electric reels and allow you to work with the doors closed to give you peace of mind. Our design was the first to use only 2 rollers while giving 360 degree access with the van doors locked. At the time it was the best solution, and if there was any doubt that we still held that position, our new 2023 HD Security Pulley should settle it.

If you are following our blog posts thank you, I’m being careful here not to repeat myself following on from our previous HD Hose Guide Blog but of course, this new HD Security Pulley design is based on our new 2023 HD Hose Guide so there are some overlapping points to be made.

Until now our basic concept has not changed, it never required a third roller fixed to the bumper.

If you’ve ever had a third roller fixed to your bumper you’ll know they restrict access and ruin your van. However, our 2015 model did however include powder-coated winch rollers and BZP fixings. We accepted we should replace the interchangeable powder-coated winch rollers every 1-2 years.

Please read our previous HDHG blog on why there is now a much better solution than winch rollers.

It took about 4 years before we saw our competitors offering their own off-the-cuff version of our 2 roller HD Security Pulley but I think both they, and their customers have come around to our logic now.

Who are our competitors for HD Security Pulleys?

Well… in terms of durability, corrosion resistance, smoothness and access of our new 2023 version.. no-one. Any off the cuff solution you’ll get from our competitors will have several disadvantages associated with powder coating. Some of which include the winch rollers or the Redashe petrol pump type roller. If you’re unfortunate you’ll have a third roller on your bumper holding you back and trashing your van. The following designs are notable:

GrippaTank WFP Systems

As per our last blog, the only reason we mention GrippaTank by name is because in 2022 they commissioned stainless steel winch rollers and I felt they’d made a good move. Stainless steel is a move in the right direction but for many reasons listed below, it is not the definitive answer. They will give us a carbon copy of our old design with stainless winch rollers that have no bearings, are noisy, and cannot operate with the Slick Connect.

Redashe Rollers (blue)

I don’t know if Redashe are the manufacturers of these rollers but they seem to be the source as far as I can tell. You may recognise them from some of our other competitor websites or you may have seen them on petrol pumps or tyre filling stations. We’ll explain in depth below but briefly, they rust, the nylon rollers wear away quickly and the forces required to rewind 100M of microbore hose force the rollers into the frame and they stop turning which renders them useless. If your supplier is not using inferior winch rollers then they are most definitely using these ones and that’s bad news for you.

10 reasons why our new 2023 HD Security Pulleys are the best money can buy:

  1. It uses 100% of non-corroding metals such as stainless steel and aluminium and will last a lifetime.

  2. They are the only through the floor pulley which run on sealed ball bearings. Not only that, the bearings are stainless steel and will not rust. On our old design, the winch roller under the van would often rust due to the harsh conditions and even sometimes seize due to the fact that they did not have sealed stainless bearings.  We recommended changing that roller every 1-2 years.  Our new HDSP 2023 design does not require any maintenance at all… ever.
  3. Our design is accurate to 0.1mm meaning that there is very little noise when compared to all other competitor guides and the roller cannot seize against the frame. Regarding forces exerted onto a through-the-floor pulley, our competitor copies have two supports for the 2nd roller, as did our old design. Our new design has 4 supports making it much more resistant to deflection under a heavy load.
  4. Our new HD Security Pulleys are delivered to you pre-assembled for the purpose of making re-assembly clear. As every van is different it means a there is a different location and a different length to land the second roller level with the bumper. HD Security Pulleys can be purchased on our website and fitted at home by handy people but we mostly recommend having them fitted here at Waterworks NN17 4SW, or at a local fitting centre.
  5. Our rollers are aluminium and have a 5mm wall thickness as opposed to our competitors acetyl, nylon or steel rollers meaning they can resist wear as well as corrosion.
  6. Our roller shafts are stainless steel 10mm diameter as opposed to our competitors 4mm or 6mm mild steel shafts. This is to guarantee strength and never allow the roller to interfere with the frame and seize. It’ll also mean there is absolutely no reason for the guides to rust, even the one that goes under the van which has to cope with a harsh environment and takes the brunt of all of the forces during pull out and rewind.
  7. Rollers are individually replaceable. We built our new HD Hose Guides to run smoothly and without corrosion for a lifetime however, should you ever require a new roller they’re economical and easy to change when compared to all other copies of our design.
  8. They fit the Exceed Slick Connects where winch rollers to not. This has been a personal bug bare of mine ever since Exceed launched this product due to the fact that they are excellent and becoming increasingly popular. Our new HD Security Pulley opening is 40mm x 40mm
  9. Our new 2023 HD Security Pulley is strong enough and has a wide enough aperture to be used with S26 connectors, pressure washing connectors and heavy pressure washing hoses.
  10. Is compatible with our long-term end goal of releasing PowerUP-R and PowerUP-IQ. Roller guides have been one of the final puzzles to solve before releasing PowerUP-IQ to market soo… that’s happening. The reason is that when rewinding at the back of the van via a push button, you must’ve got to the van first so the worst case is a 50M loop for rewind. With PowerUP-IQ you can start rewinding from 100M away so the hose friction is at least x 2, it’ll rewind through the floor, automatically spool your hose and lock the pole to the back of the van.  It is as efficient as WFP cleaning will ever get. Our new HD Security Pulley has significantly reduced friction therefore, PowerUP-IQ hard release date is now September 2023. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we prototyped PowerUP-IQ, here’s our prototype video in case you’re interested (1) Auto braking, auto spooling reel PowerUPIQ from Waterworks Window Cleaning! – YouTube

In Summary:

Our new HD Security Pulleys are the smoothest, longest lasting, easiest to fit, and most practical through the floor pulley system for professional use. In addition, they’re even better than anticipated and have brought forward the release of PowerUP-IQ to September 2023.

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