10 reasons why our new HD Hose Guide is better than competitor alternatives

HD Hose Guide

New 2023 HD Hose Guide design replaces our 2015 model and becomes unbeatable in the process:

We were the first to offer an off-the-shelf, heavy-duty HD hose guide for professional use in the window cleaning industry 7 years ago, at the time it was by far the best option available on the market with a bespoke frame by Waterworks. We initially powder-coated our bespoke frames, but within 12 months we switched to a stainless steel frame and realised that we would need to replace the interchangeable powder-coated winch rollers every 1-2 years.

As is always the case, our competitors first dismissed our product as unnecessary, then imitated it with cheap blue alternative rollers before switching to winch rollers.  Even then they did not grasp the concept and should’ve replicated our design further by building their own frame for fixing into place and mounting the winch roller, but they felt they’d done enough and stopped there.

Who are our competitors when it comes to hose roller guides?

GrippaTank WFP Systems

We have a great deal of respect for Grippatank as we do for all of our competitors.  The only reason we mention them by name is that in 2022 they took the initiative to commission stainless steel winch rollers and I felt they’d made a good move.  Stainless steel is a move in the right direction but for many reasons listed below, it is not the definitive answer.

Pure Freedom

We have a great deal of respect for Pure Freedom, but the truth is that we understand the purpose of a hose roller guide better due to our deep understanding of day-to-day window cleaning.  The Pure Freedom hose roller guide is the full width of the reel and in my opinion, not the best solution.  We’ll lay out the full list of reasons in our list below but, wide rollers serve zero purpose when pulling out the hose and because you’re spooling the hose from side to side during rewind which provides next to no benefit at all.

Redashe Rollers (blue)

In actual fact, I don’t know if Redashe are the manufacturer of these rollers but they seem to be the source as far as I can tell. You may recognise them from some of our other competitor websites or you may have seen them on petrol pumps or tyre filling stations. In short, they rust, the nylon rollers wear away and the forces required to rewind 100M of microbore hose force the rollers into the frame and they stop turning, rendering them useless.

Hoselock Hose Roller Guides

These rollers are very good value for money when you’re using them in the garden once every once in a while but they do not withstand professional window cleaning use.  Again, we’ll explain in depth below but they’re a fragile moulding, window cleaning forces push the rollers into the frame and they do not have bearings.

10 reasons why our new 2023 HD Hose Guides are the best on the market

  1. Constructed from non-corroding metals. Metals are use include stainless steel and aluminium and will last a lifetime.

  2. They are the only hose guide available that runs on sealed ball bearings. Not only that, the bearings are stainless steel and will not rust.
  3. Our design is accurate to 0.1mm meaning that there is very little noise when compared to all other competitor guides and the roller can not seize against the frame no matter how much force is exerted.
  4. Our new HD Hose Guides are delivered to you pre-assembled onto the stainless steel mounting frame and do not require disassembly for fitting. They can unboxed and fitted in 60 seconds thanks to the relocation of the fitting holes.
  5. Our rollers are aluminium and have a 5mm wall thickness as opposed to our competitor’s acetyl, nylon or steel rollers meaning they can resist wearing as well as corrosion.
  6. Our roller shafts are stainless steel 10mm diameter as opposed to our competitor’s 4mm or 6mm mild steel shafts. This is to guarantee strength and never allow the roller to interfere with the frame and seize.
  7. Rollers are individually replaceable. We built our new HD Hose Guides to run smoothly and without corrosion for a lifetime however, should you ever require a new roller they’re economical and easy to change.
  8. They fit the Exceed Slick Connects where winch rollers to not. This has been a personal bug bare of mine ever since Exceed launched this product due to the fact that they are excellent and becoming increasingly popular.  Our new HD Hose Guide opening is 40mm x 40mm
  9. Our new 2023 HD Hose Guide is strong enough and has a wide enough aperture to be used with S26 connectors, pressure washing connectors and heavy pressure washing hoses.
  10. The best hose guides are compact and keep the hose in the centre of the reel. This is highly useful when pulling out the hose but get this (because no-one else does) it’s actually useful during rewind. The best possible set-up is tank-mounted electric reels with 1 Metre between the reel and the guide. This is because your spooling hand SHOULD go between the guide and the reel.  The hose guide centres the hose for you and deals with the forces involved while mostly eliminating loops, etc before they reach your spooling hand meaning it’s very easy to spool.

In Summary:

Our new HD Hose Guide is the smoothest, longest lasting, easiest to fit, and most practical hose guide for professional use. Not that it matters too much but they’re the best looking too.

Available on our website for delivery February 2023

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