Benefits of electric reels for window cleaners

PowerUp 3D electric reels

Why do window cleaners use an electric reels? Because they make hose management quicker and easier, saving you time and money in the long run.  It is important is the way you feel at work and when you get home.  When we first produced PowerUP, our main selling point was efficiency but now it is much more than that.  Here’s are a few reasons why:

  • Are you lifting heavy reels out of the van at each stop?
  • Are you lifting a heavy trolley every time?
  • Does your hose leak when you place it back in the van?
  • Do you find yourself over-winding in 100M of hose 20 x per day?
  • Your manual reel is located at the back door, isn’t it a waste of space?

The problem is that certain aspects of the job are very time-consuming and tiring. It slows you down even further as the day progresses.

An electric reel is a must-have for any window cleaner. A safe and efficient system will pay for itself in the long run. Plus it will provide you with a quality reel for years to come.

Why use a powered hose reel?

An electric hose reel improves the user’s working conditions while setting up and packing away. Plus it gives the user pure freedom to get on with the job at hand whilst reducing the time and effort associated with inferior manual reels. There are many reasons why an electric hose reel is an essential piece of equipment for a window cleaner:

  • Increases your productivity: having a hose reel placed in the back of your work van will allow for quick and easy setup. Plus it saves a considerable amount of time as you can retract the hose with ease at the push of a button.
  • Efficiency: Manufactured to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Cost-effective: PowerUP 3D is the most cost effecting electric window cleaning reel on the market today. For just a little more than some of our competitors manual reels you could be utilising a PowerUP every day for years to come.
  • Safety: An electric hose reel can be easier and more efficiently and stored correctly, preventing safety hazards that could otherwise cause a serious accident.

What are the benefits of using an electric reel?

A hose reel will save you copious amounts of time, effort and money in the long run. Our industry knowledge gained over the years has paved the way for one of our first innovations – the electric hose reel for window cleaners. We know from experience that dragging water-fed poles and equipment from property to property and dragging your hose reel back and forth is all pretty tiring. This is where a hose reel comes in handy and its benefits are endless:

  • Saves time and money: Reeling in your hose provides no benefit or value and takes up a significant portion of your day. With a handy push button feature, an electric reel can easily save you considerable time every day. You choose whether to get more jobs in or get home earlier.
  • Prevents injuries: Running yourself ragged dragging back and forth a hose reel, not to mention winding in between jobs can easily cause a repetitive strain injury. The use of a super rigid and quality electric reel system can also help reduce the strain on a window cleaner’s muscles around the shoulder, neck and back.
  • Reduces fatigue: Over the years, the strain of winding up a manual 100m hose multiple times a day can take its toll and having to endure this has a big impact on not only fatigue but can be one of the main causes of repetitive strain injuries. If you’re winding on the floor?  Punching the floor in the winter is enough to ruin your mood.
  • Equipment efficiency: In the UK, a single window cleaners typically make 10 to 30 stops a day which is why it is important to improve your equipment efficiency wherever possible and systems such as the PowerUp 3D, are the best of the best! Example: If a two man team with external ports are making 40 stops per day, and PowerUP saves them 1 minute per stop each (conservative) they save a combined time of 1 hrs and 20 minutes every single day.

What makes PowerUp 3D unique

As far as electric window cleaning reels go,  PowerUp 3D is the original and the industry standard. Power Up 3D is not so much of an update to the Power Up HD reel, it’s a complete redesign.  With  corrosion free composite components, quick fit tabs and 24 hour delivery its far superior to Power UP HD.

The PowerUp 3D is the latest in our line of original electric window cleaning reels, which are widely recognised for changing the water-fed pole industry. The time and effort efficiencies alone yielded by using our electric reels mean they pay for themselves many times over.

With this electric hose reel system, all your effort can be focused on providing a better end service in less time and basically make more per hour as you can squeeze in more jobs in the same amount of time.

The PowerUp 3D and all our electric hose reels are designed to work with existing water-fed pole battery systems.

You can choose to buy a full UK assembled and made window cleaning system package from us. Or you can simply retrofit our electric hose reel system (and other components) to your existing setup.

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