How often would you change your WFP system?

WFP system

We see people upgrade systems after 3, 5 and 10 years and as far as we can understand it, it’s more of a refresh than anything. Often the systems have rusted and look terrible or the customer is tired of the system leaking and its poor design.

We can provide you with a high-quality stainless steel alternative which is guaranteed not to leak from the DI Resin, RO filtration or pump plumbing.  A heavy-duty corrosion-free system is also unique in its design. Tank-mounted electric reels not only look great but save a huge amount of space while improving your efficiency.

What can you do to stop your current WFP system from rusting? even if your system doesn’t leak, condensation causes dampness so it’s inevitable if you have powder-coated steel components. It can become weak not to mention it looks bad.

If you currently have a rusty system frame or fixings you should take steps regularly to ensure its integrity by cleaning back with a wire brush and repainting. Use Protectakote if it’s rusting excessively and if you have steel fixings change them to stainless steel.

The best alternative to all that is to buy a system with all stainless steel components such as the Waterworks 700L and 500L. Our systems do not rust and are designed to be a system for life.

Why would you change your system?

The most common reasons to change systems are as follows:

  • The frame or components have rusted and look bad
  • The fittings are leaking and its too difficult to keep on top of that
  • The customer prefers our space saving design
  • The customer has had enough and is upgrading to stainless steel
  • An incorrect charging system is in place
  • The customer wants tank-mounted PowerUPs to save space

Are we the only company offering corrosion free van mounted window cleaning systems?

In short no, the are some high-end systems which offer part or full stainless steel options.  We are the only company offering this exclusive design with tank mounted PowerUPs and full stainless steel construction.  Our system offers the following:

  • Exclusive brushed stainless steel frame and fixings by Waterworks including 14mm pre drilled holes for all vehicles
  • Exclusive brushed stainless steel cupboard door with laser cut fixing points for future upgrades and black outer PVC trim
  • Exclusive PowerUP 3D composite electric window cleaning reels with extended button wiring, mounted at optimal height for powered rewind and space saving
  • Intelligent B2B charging system and digital display, optimised for all vehicles including Euro 5 and Euro 6 alternators
  • Unique 700 Litre Osmoworks tank design for unrivalled look, space saving and efficiency
  • 2 x red braided 6mm x 100M microbore hose fitted and pressure tested with series 21 coupling by Waterworks
  • 1 x 110ah Monbat high quality leisure battery with professionally installed system terminals by Waterworks
  • 2 x 100PSI 12v Aquatec pump manufactured in the UK for durability
  • 2 x  Pump Strainer with hand screw cap for easy cleaning
  • 2 x Waterworks V16 Spring Digital Pump Controller with auto dead end and voltage indicator display
  • Dimensions including frame and reel 116CM wide x 156cm long 125CM high.  Weight 185kg

A system for life has a leak free design and eliminates powder coated steel.

Our van mounted systems are durable enough to last a lifetime. Plus, we have a selection of consumable items for service. Over the course of the next 10 years it will still be in excellent condition and can be installed into new vehicles without having to change the system.  Its at the absolute cutting edge of efficiency too so its not like the design is about to go out of fashion, this is just that start.

In comparison with fixed manual reels or reels on external ports they avoid all of the day to day punishment and will operate for years without failure. Our system comes complete with a reel mounted on top of the tank and operated with a push button at the back door for convenience.

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